Migration and Consolidation

Moving legacy PHP sites from Bluehost to WebFaction

July 17, 2014, 6:34 a.m.

When I originally created stggolf I had only known how to write HTML and CSS for about 3 months, and I only knew of one hosting provider: Bluehost. Bluehost was perfectly fine and suited my needs well, but I have since moved from PHP to Django/Python as my preferred web development language. When I attempted to host a Django site on Bluehost I was met by nothing but overly complicated forum comments and ugly hacks. So, I decided to use WebFaction for my Django hosting. I have been using WebFaction for over half a year now and really enjoy the simplicity of the cpanel. I decided to migrate all of my PHP sites from Bluehost to WebFaction to consolidate hosting providers and save a little bit of money.

This was surprisingly a fairly easy process. I simply transferred my domains from Bluehost to Namecheap, my preferred registrar. After that, I had to go through a few steps to make sure that the transfer was approved and in as little as two hours I was ready to point my domains toward my WebFaction server. While this was happening I was busy creating git repositories for my projects on BitBucket, and cloning them down onto the server.

All in all in around 2 hours I had transferred my biggest PHP site to WebFaction and no longer have to pay two companies for hosting.

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